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CDO’s Office Empowers Agency to Import Clean Data Every Time

Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency

DCSA serves as the primary interface between the Federal Government and industry, providing daily oversight, advice, and assistance to cleared companies and determining the ability of those companies to protect classified information.
ISD works hand-in-hand with DCSA’s Counterintelligence program to identify and stop attempts by our nation’s adversaries to steal sensitive national security information and technologies from cleared industry and to keep U.S. Government leaders informed of the threat.


  • Requirements Management and Mission Modernization Support
  • Communication Development Support
  • Data Analysis Support Management
  • Program Integration Support
  • Data Integration, Customization, and Training


Develop clear and concise communication/messaging products for ISD workforce and leadership, DCSA leadership, and external audiences to articulate progress/risks and ultimate value with project deliveries. Visualize and articulate “big picture” progress, synthesizing Program Manager (PM) input such that they can focus on their tasks at hand, and effectively communicate ISD vision.​ Develop highly professional communication materials including outlines and metrics for the ISD workforce, DCSA leadership, and OSD stakeholders.


Developed operating procedures (SOPs) to access data from ISD systems, defined measurement standards, and generated ad-hoc and recurring reports and visualizations targeted to ISD operators, DCSA leaders, and external (DoD/Government/Industry) stakeholders on ISD performance.

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