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Innovation Lab

Empowering Innovation

The TIG-offered Innovation Lab provides a robust hosting infrastructure that leverages a collection of cloud, data center infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology offerings. It empowers internal stakeholders and customers to evaluate and investigate technical solutions, convert architecture-level designs to tactical solutions, implement and evaluate prototypes, pilot systems and solutions, and support the transition to production.

Key Attributes

  • Mission-Focused Business Drivers: Extensive collaboration with business stakeholders to understand mission requirements and ensure technology assessments are aligned with mission objectives.
  • Vendor/Tool Agnostic Selection: Unbiased analysis and collaboration with product vendors and industry to discover the latest technologies, frameworks, and processes.
  • Open Standards: Full integration of open standards and architectures to avoid vendor lock-in.

Key Features

Our customers benefit from scalability, metering, and flexible resource allocation without exposing any assets to the public Internet, ensuring secure and efficient operations.

Rapid Prototyping and Testing

The Innovation Lab offers a platform for the rapid prototyping, development, and testing of technology concepts, providing instant access to IT infrastructures.

  • Prototype Projects: Introduce new systems and test new functionalities.
  • Sandboxes: Create complete or partial landscapes tailored to specific needs.
  • Training: Instantly create landscape replicas for training purposes and run them as needed.
  • Upgrade, Integration, User Feedback:  Upgrade one or multiple systems in the landscape to assess implications before implementing new features.

Advanced Technology Stack

  • Instantiated by more than 20 Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules.
  • Fully containerized and operates cloud-native, including GPUs to facilitate AI development with IntelliBridge-hosted open-source LLMs and a wide array of data analytics support.
  • Operates in a hybrid cloud environment (AWS, Azure) and a physical data center capable of operating at FISMA HIGH, alongside various SaaS offerings.

Support for Business Growth

  • Provides capabilities for running coding challenges and market research.
  • Complements delivery through building proof of concepts and validating solution architectures.

How Can We Help?

In a world that changes fast, we move faster, with the structure and foresight
to meet ever-evolving challenges with dynamic results at speed.