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User Experience

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is the creation and synchronization of the elements that affect users’ experience with a particular system, with the intent of influencing their perceptions and behavior as is in line with organizational missions.

User Experience (UX) Design starts with listening and understanding. UX Design seeks to understand the goals and objectives of stakeholders and users of a system, validating and clearly identifying and articulating their processes—and the improvements possible.

This allows IntelliBridge to design systems that users can quickly acclimate to, intuitively understand how to navigate and accomplish their tasks, while also helping our clients deliver against their mission.

User Experience Design Capabilities

IntelliBridge Experience Studio brings both a breadth and depth of User Experience capabilities to our delivery efforts, which includes and is not limited to:

  • Focus Groups & Workshops – We work collaboratively with our partners and customers to rapidly gather experiences and feedback that help shape and inform our user experience design efforts.
  • Competitive Analysis – We identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors to help surface threats and opportunities for our partners.
  • Stakeholder & User Research – In order to deeply understand a problem space and opportunities to create superior solutions, we research with your invested stakeholders and user base to identify their key behaviors, needs, and motivations to inform designs and solutions.
  • Persona Development – After, or as part of a user research effort, we create personas, which represent your target users, to provide clarity and focus on who we are designing for and make design decisions for them accordingly.
  • User Journey Mapping – Through user and stakeholder research, we use User Journey Mapping as a way of visualizing the sequence of touch points that define a user’s interaction with a product or system to establish a more holistic understanding of users.
  • Service Design – Service Design goes beyond digital and includes planning and organizing interactions with people, systems, and communication to improve quality and delivery at every touchpoint with users.
  • Process Analysis – We analyze and evaluate the ways your users are experiencing and interacting with your products and services and use that data to improve and enhance the user experience.
  • Wireframes and Prototype Creation – Utilizing low- and no-code tools, we create custom prototypes that explore possibilities and validate hypothesis with users for application and solution development efforts.
  • Usability Testing – We perform usability testing to gain insight into the challenges users face and identify improvements and enhancements to the application or system.
  • Human-Centered Design – We use human-centered practices to improve user experience and achieve our goals by observing and listening to users, prototyping solutions, reviewing feedback, and iterating to improve our work.

Case Study

FOIA Intake Process

Our client receives more than 25% of all federal FOIA requests. We set out to maximize efficiencies and decrease request processing times.

Our Capabilities


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